Building a Portfolio Site - Planning it out

Building a nice portfolio website is important when trying to get someone to pay attention to your work, especially if you are a web developer. In this post we will discuss some methods of building a portfolio site and the tech you might want to use.


Planning out what type of content you want to include is an essential step in creating a website. You can get fancy with the site's design, but if there isn't enough content to go along with it, the site is useless. Now let's get into the steps of selecting what type of content you should include.

Target audience

Deciding who your target audience is will help shape everything you will put on your site. Are you trying to get hired by a company? Great gear your content more toward why you would be a great fit for their business. Looking for freelance work, talk about previous clients you have had, how you helped them, and the problems you solved for them.

Selling Point

The selling point of your site should be what the entire page brings the reader to, a call to action. Your call to action can be anything you want, filling out a form, checking out your GitHub, or emailing you.

Type of content

Most people like myself, probably have a lot of content that they want to share. Remember that when a reader is going through your portfolio you do not want to overwhelm them, that's why when building mine, I selected projects that anyone could find interesting, and wrote a bit about each one. Then linked my GitHub at the bottom as a call to action.

In the next one, we will go over picking the tech that fits your goals and building out the site's structure.




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